Embossing Powder & Elements - Encrusted Jewel kits


These 5 jar kits are specially designed to combine embossing enamels, powders, glitters and other Essentials on a single colour scheme for Fran's Encrusted Jewel Technique.

White: Contains one jar each: Chunky White Embossing Enamel; Crystal Embossing Powder; Shaved Ice; Multi Crystal Glitter Mix; White Mica. Various countries of origin 0.81 oz, 23g Total Weight

Silver: Contains one jar each: Aged Silver Embossing Enamel; Silver Tinsel Embossing Powder); Pearlized Mica (India); Silver Glass Glitter; Silver Halo Glitter Mix. Various Countries of Origin 1.22 oz, 34g Total


Aged Green Embossing Powder, Tinsel Embossing powder vintage Mahogany, Green - Glass Glitter, Hunter and Leaf Colour Fragments.


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