Glaze Gelly Roll Pens - Various Colours

This three-dimensional (3-D) ink leaves a distinct impression. The finished effect is a raised line that you can feel. Best results are achieved on non-porous surfaces such as plastics, coated papers, acetate, vellums and glass. Light catches colour when it is used on translucent and transparent surfaces. Colour can be layered for extra texture giving greater shine and depth. Glaze 3-D ink resists water and can achieve the look of batik. Rubber stamp and paper craft projects benefit with accents of colour and texture. Does not bleed-through most papers and vellum. Non-toxic. Glaze - 3-D glossy ink pen features: Write slowly so the ink flows out thickly and allow time to dry completely about 10 minutes. A raised effect that is delicate and can be crushed-down Waterproof on most surfaces Use on light backgrounds, and on plastic, glass, ceramic and metal Raised effect best on non-porous, clean, smooth, matte surfaces Note: Glaze is a special craft pen for colouring or lettering. Since the ink flows thickly and takes time to dry it is not ideal for any lengthy writing.

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