One Of A Kind Christmas

Joy! Craft
Joy!Stencils have been designed with pleasure and an eye for detail. In combination with the popular cutting/embossing machines these stencils can be used for both CUTTING and EMBOSSING!!! It’s easy to cut out an entire pattern and then emboss the motifs with the same ease. Place the magnetic mat on an acrylic block. Lay the stencil on top with the cutting edges face up. Lay the paper on the stencil and cover it with an acrylic block. Put everything through the cutting/embossing machine: the patterns are being cut. For embossing remove the acrylic block from the top, place the rubber embossing pad on the paper and then put the acrylic block back in place. Put everything through the machine: the motifs are being embossed. Then decorate the paper the way you like and stick it to a card. Each cutting/embossing machine has its own acrylic blocks. The number and thickness of the acrylic blocks and the magnetic mats for cutting/embossing may differ for each machine.

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